Sentence Examples with the word fuller

The completion of the Assuan dam by ensuring a fuller supply of water enabled 20,000 acres of land, previously unirrigated and untaxed, to be brought under cultivation in the three years 1903-1905.

The halakoth are fuller and sometimes older than the corresponding decisions in the Mishnah, and the treatment is generally more haggadic. 1 The method of making the discussions part of an interpretation of the Old Testament (halakic Midrash), as exemplified in the Tosephta, is apparently older than the abstract and independent decisions of the Mishnah - which presuppose an acquaintance with the Pentateuchal basis - and, like the employment of narrative or historical Midrash (e.g.

I can remember the time before I learned to speak, and how I used to struggle to express my thoughts by means of the manual alphabet--how my thoughts used to beat against my finger tips like little birds striving to gain their freedom, until one day Miss Fuller opened wide the prison-door and let them escape.

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A fuller account of his discovery, illustrated by Hewitson, is given in The Ibis (1861, pp. 92-106, pl.

Only a few of the most important can be mentioned here; the reader who wishes for fuller information should consult the original papers.6 It was first discovered by E.

In 1642 he was ordered into custody as a delinquent; thereafter he took refuge in Oxford, and ultimately returned to London to the house of William Fuller (1580?-1659), dean of Ely, whose daughter Jane was his second wife.

These, as also the citations in the course of this article, give fuller information.

Reference must be made to the textbooks (see Electrochemistry) for a fuller account of the very varied solutions and methods employed for electroplating with silver, gold, copper, iron and nickel.

In 1644 Tasman made a second voyage to effect a fuller discovery of New Guinea.

Miss Fuller and Miss Sullivan could understand me, but most people would not have understood one word in a hundred.