Sentence Examples with the word full-grown

A full-grown larva digs a pit about 2 in.

When full-grown the entire length of the animal is about 4 ft., and the girth 3 ft.

This would leave no time for the growth of his myth.; and his myth was, as is evident from what we have already said and quoted, full-grown in the first half of the 14th century.

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The most remarkable thing about this Cameroon sheep is, however, its extremely diminutive size, a full-grown ram standing only 19 in.

At barely ten years old, he'd been too weak to fight off full-grown men, too weak to protect her.

The dorsoventral and the parapodial muscles are much developed, whilst the coelom is reduced mostly to branched spaces in which the genital products ripen, Full-grown myzostomids are hermaphrodite.

It also seems to me that such scratches in the whale are probably made by hostile contact with other whales; for I have most remarked them in the large, full-grown bulls of the species.

Musk-oxen are gregarious in habit, assembling in herds of twenty or thirty head, or sometimes eighty or a hundred, in which there are seldom more than two or three full-grown males.

The reproduction of tsetse-flies is highly remarkable; instead of laying eggs or being ovovivi parous the females deposit at intervals of about a fortnight or three weeks a single full-grown larva, which forthwith buries itself in the ground to a depth of several centi metres, and assumes the pupal state.

This deposition of bony matter progresses very rapidly, and although in young deer and the adults of some species the resulting antler merely forms a simple spike, or a single fork, in full-grown individuals of the majority it assumes a more or less complexly branched structure.