Sentence Examples with the word full-blooded

In 942 Oda, a full-blooded Dane, was made archbishop of Canterbury.

Not sure why he has a half-breed like you hanging around when he's got a full-blooded demon like me here.

I learned that lesson when Sasha tossed me in a pit with full-blooded demons and were-things.

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The leader was John Chelembwe, a full-blooded negro who had been trained as a teacher by the American Baptist Mission and sent to the United States to take a university course.

The stout man rose, frowned, shrugged his shoulders, and evidently trying to appear firm began to pull on his jacket without looking about him, but suddenly his lips trembled and he began to cry, in the way full-blooded grown-up men cry, though angry with himself for doing so.

He.d never faced a full-blooded demon and assassin at the same time before.

I think that I love society as much as most, and am ready enough to fasten myself like a bloodsucker for the time to any full-blooded man that comes in my way.

Both were full-blooded Africans.