Sentence Examples with the word fulfil

In Italy many railways which otherwise fulfil the conditions of a light railway are constructed with a gauge of 4 ft.

Martineau's mental qualities fitted him to fulfil these high interpretative functions.

Charlemagne legislated with vigour against this tendency, trying to make it easier for the poor freeman to fulfil his military duties directly to the state, and to forbid the misuse of power by the rich, but he was not more successful than the Roman government had been in a like attempt.

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In 1189 Frederick Barbarossa of Germany sought and obtained leave to lead his troops on the third crusade through the Byzantine territory; but he had no sooner crossed the border than Isaac, who had meanwhile sought an alliance with Saladin, threw every impediment in his way, and was only compelled by force of arms to fulfil his engagements.

The amount and quality of the repairs necessary to fulfil the covenant are always relative to the age, class and condition of the premises at the time of the lease.

The custom of dwelling, for part of the day at least, in booths, is still kept up by orthodox Jews, who have temporary huts covered with branches erected in their courtyards, and those who are not in possession of a house with a backyard often go to pathetic extremes in order to fulfil the law by making holes in roofs, across which branches are placed.

Even so it proved impossible to fulfil the Miirzsteg programme, though the attempt was prolonged until 1908.

To fulfil condition (I) the plates A i and A, are mounted in circular slides, whose centres are El and E2 respectively, so that by means of the screws Dl, D2, with their corresponding opposing springs F 1 and F 2, the operation can be very easily accomplished.

Cassandra accepted the proposal; but no sooner had she obtained the gift than she laughed at the tempter, and refused to fulfil her promise.

Corps was able to fulfil satisfactorily the subsidiary role assigned to it.