Sentence Examples with the word fulcrum

The pair of beams are hung centrally by rods and hooks from knife-edges in the forked end of a strong beam, which is carried at its fulcrum by the top plate of the frame of the machine.

This upper steelyard is arranged as in fig 9, where A is the point where the pull of the long body lever due to the weight of the goods on the platform comes upon the steelyard; C is the fulcrum of the steelyard, which with the steelyard can be slid to and fro on the frame of the machine; and Q 8 s frl FIG.

Similarly the two projecting ends of the central piece of steel which forms the fulcrum take bearing on two cheeks of the stand, between which the beam sways.

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Screw studs near o its ends are first received by the projecting studs on each side of the suspension links, and the suspension links are lifted off the end knife-edges; and next, as the sliding frame continues its upward motion, the horizontal studs at the two ends of the beam are received in the forks at the ends of the sliding frame, and by them the fulcrum of the beam is lifted off its bearing.

Although the third order of lever is particularly inefficient when the fulcrum is rigid and immobile, it possesses singular advantages when these conditions are reversed, that is, when the fulcrum, as happens with the air, is elastic and yielding.

The balloon has no hold upon the air, and this consequently cannot be employed as a fulcrum for regulating its course.

The beam is of bronze in a single deep casting, cored out in the middle so as to allow the saddle at the top of the stand to pass through the beam and afford a continuous bearing for the fulcrum knife-edge.

While, therefore, scarcely any impediment is offered to the progress of an animal in motion in the air, it is often exceedingly difficult to compress the air with sufficient rapidity and energy to convert it into a suitable fulcrum for securing the necessary support and forward impetus.

They are constructed with the fulcrum knife-edges lower than the line joining the end knife-edges, and they are arranged so that the beam is horizontal when the stop of the weights-pan is hard down on its bearings.

A, malleate, with crop: this is followed enlarged view of malleus above - the by the crop-gizzard, Y-shaped incus consists of a short median also ciliated except fulcrum bearing two large rami, each of behind, where it is which is in contact with a stout malleus hardened into a set consisting of a toothed uncus carried on a of articulated sclerites long manubrium; b, sub-malleate, with (trophi) to form the enlarged view of malleus - the manubria gizzard or mastax.