Sentence Examples with the word ft

Showing the variation of periods and essentials of o style; and this is followed ft by an account of the use made of material products, (U ms of the tools and instru ments employed, and of the monuments.

It occupies a cavern in the middle of the face of a perpendicular 1000 ft cliff.

God Vitli the advance of civilization and the transfOrmation of the chit al gods into national divinities, the beliefs held about them the ft have become less crude.

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The Paris line is built with the standard gauge of 4 ft 82 in., but its tunnels are designedly made of such a small crosssection that ordinary main line stock cannot pass through them.

If the danger of French invasion was a reality, it was so mainly owing to the deplorable condition of Ireland, where the The Act natural disaffection of the Roman Catholic majority of Union of the populationdeprived of political and many with d social rights, and exposed to the insults and oppression ft an of a Protestant minority corrupted by centuries of ascendancyinvited the intervention of a foreign enemy.

Across; but in consequence of later elevation, its general surface, now standing at an altitude of 2500 ft is mattirely dissected by the French Broad river and its many branches in valleys 300 ft.

A British force about 4400 Tamanleb,;trong, with 22 guns, made up of troops from Egypt and from anits detained on passage from India, was rapidly concentrated ft Suakin and placed under the orders of Major-General Sir G.

In the uprising the Mankato band was led by another chief named Mankato, who took part in the attack on Ft Ridgeley, Minn., in August, in the engagement on the 3rd of September at Birch Coolie, Minn., and in that on the 23rd of September at Wood Lake, where he was killed.

Wilsoni, a new species from China, 6 ft high, with bluish-purple flowers.