Sentence Examples with the word frying

Martha was mixing batter while Quinn stood at the stove, heating a frying pan.

She quickly put the plates in the dishwasher and dumped the stale water from the frying pan.

It was actually too large for a frying chicken, but it worked.

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I...I whacked him in the head with the frying pan.

Lightning split the ceiling with a boom, frying several vamps in the crowd.

She cried until too tired to cry more, then leaned against the pod, feeling as if her skin was frying despite the shade.

Pete's gravely voice cut through her thoughts like sand on a frying pan.

She shut the stove off and moved the frying pan.

She rolled away from the second strike but the third tore through her, frying her from the inside out.

Lisa took a frying pan from the cabinet and started preparing lunch while father and daughter went into the living room to play.