Sentence Examples with the word frustrated

Xander waited until this bout of anger settled enough for him to deal with the woman who frustrated him then rose, making his way back to the food court.

Gustavus's hopes of an early decision were frustrated by the fog, which delayed the approach and deployment of the Swedes.

She flushed and rose, visibly frustrated once more.

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She straightened up and searched his room for the necklace, frustrated that she wasn't able to find it.

Constantine Palaeologus, the last occupant of the imperial throne, took every measure that the courage of despair could devise for the defence of the doomed city; but his appeal to the pope for the aid of Western Christendom was frustrated through the bigoted, anti-Catholic spirit of the Greeks.

An attempt to illustrate household equality by having the servants sit at table with the rest of the family was frustrated by the dislike of his two sensible domestics for such an inconvenient arrangement.

Deidre appeared frustrated and wiggled again.

He'd never been as frustrated - -or interested - -in anywhere before.

Apart from the weighty objections that the Edomites would have frustrated such a recrudescence of the remnant Jews as has been described, it must be remembered that the main stream of Jewish life and thought had been diverted to Babylon.

Their design was miraculously frustrated - according to the Aeginetan version, the statues fell upon their knees, - and only a single survivor returned to Athens, there to fall a victim to the fury of his comrades' widows, who pierced him with their brooch-pins.