Sentence Examples with the word fructification

Polyangium primigenum, red fructification on dog's dung (X40) C. Chondromyces apiculatus, orange fructification on antelope's dung.

This form of fructification appears, from Zeiller's researches, to have been common to several species of Sphenophyllum, but others show important differences.

The nature of the fructification of Sigillaria was first satisfactorily determined in 1884 by Zeiller, who found the characteristic Sigillarian leaf-scars on the peduncles of certain large strobili (Sigillariostrobus).

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If sporangia and spores are present they also may persist in a perfectly recognizable form, and in fact much of our knowledge of the fructification of fossil Ferns and similar plants has been derived from specimens of this kind.

The two species cultivated for jute fibre are in all respects very similar to each other, except in their fructification and the relatively greater size attained by C. capsularis.

Their formation from buds which normally would have yielded leaves and shoots is explained by Parfitt as the outcome of an effort at fructification induced by oviposition, such as has been found to result in several plants from injury by insect-agency or otherwise.

In any case the morphology of the male Cordaitean fructification is clearly very remote from that of any of the Cycads or P P (All after Renault.) Fin.

The magnificent Devonian Fern Archaeopteris hibernica, with a somewhat Adiantiform habit, bore special fertile pinnae; the fructification is still imperfectly understood, but the presence of stipules, observed by Kidston, has been adduced in support of Marattiaceous affinities.

The fructification in this species is cylindrical, and in that of E.

In this species the fructification is conical or lanceolate, and is found in April on short, stout, unbranched stems which have large loose sheaths.