Sentence Examples with the word frothing

Flux.A common event in the exudation of turbid, frothing liquids from wounds in the bark of trees, and the odours of putrefaction and even alcoholic fermentation in these are sufficiently explained by the coexistence of albuminous and saccharine matters with fungi, yeasts and bacteria in such fluxes.

The engine turned over and backfired, black smoke frothing out of the tail pipe.

The verb is used for the creaming or frothing of liquids and of the suffusing of the skin with blood.

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Yet frothing is not excessive, because the slag is not, as in common practice, locally chilled and made viscous by cold lumps of ore.

Moreover, since local cooling, with its consequent viscosity and tendency to froth, are avoided, the frothing is not excessive in spite of the rapidity of the reaction.

And Marsh's test is very unmanageable with organic liquids on account of the uncontrollable frothing that takes place.