Sentence Examples with the word frontal

Skull elevated and compressed; with the orbit and temporal fossa widely continuous, there being no true post-orbital process from the frontal bone.

On his left wing the attacks of the Guard and 2nd divisions (action of Yang-tzu-ling) on the Russian front and flank failed, the frontal attack because of the resolute defence, the flank attack from sheer fatigue of the troops.

General Lee and President Davis were present and witnessed the loss of 2000 men in a frontal attack which continued till 9 p.m.

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The frontal organ varies in form and apparently in function, and is sometimes absent.

A hump on the forehead probably indicates the existence of a large frontal horn.

C. rothschildi also has a large frontal horn and white legs, but the spots in the bulls are very dark and those of the females jagged.

A more or less prominent frontal a, Anus.

The post-orbital processes of the frontal and jugal are widely sundered, and the former may even be small (Xerus).

The siphonium described in connexion with the mandible), but filling also such curious organs as the frontal excrescence of Chasmorhynchus, the Brazilian bell-bird, the throat-bag of the adjutant stork, and the gular pouch of the bustard.

Another character by which the European domesticated pig differs from any of the wild species is the concave outline of the frontal region of the skull.