Sentence Examples with the word frontage

It is one of the largest buildings of the kind in Germany, covering an area of 15 acres, and having a frontage of about 600 yards.

The sea frontage of this area stretches for 12 m.

By far the finest of the buildings, however, is the famous university, which occupies the larger part of the southern frontage of the town.

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The original plan seems to have been to construct these narrow streets to give access to the great business houses which, it was foreseen, would be built on the frontage of the main streets.

Where it borders upon the ocean, while the general irregularity of the coast-line gives a sea frontage of about 250 m.

The city proper occupies two indented tongues of land, having a water frontage on Port Jackson, and extending from Rushcutter's Bay on the east to Blackwattle Bay on the west, a distance of 8 m., nearly two miles of which is occupied by the Domain and the botanical gardens.

It also includes the ocean frontage of Marajo, an island about the size of the kingdom of Denmark lying in the mouth of the Amazon.

Corps were firing on this area, and as a frontage of only 9 yd.

This dockyard covers an area of 516 acres, and has a river frontage of over 3 m.

In greatest depth, is just over 1,000 ac. with a river frontage of 12 miles.