Sentence Examples with the word front porch

Cynthia didn't ask him to join her and he was more than happy to remain rocking a groove in the front porch decking.

As they climbed out of the car, a screen door squealed on the front porch and a short stocky man emerged, running a hand through graying hair.

Some five male domestic serfs, big and little, rushed out to the front porch to meet their master.

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The two women adjourned to the front porch to cut green beans and shuck corn.

Now, thanks to an early February thaw, it was warm enough to haul out the front porch rockers and pretend it was summer in the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun.

Howie and I were relegated to shucking more corn and cutting up strawberries on the covered front porch as we watched the rain continue to fall.

It's a nice house, a keen house, complete with front porch and swing.

The level of activity at Norfolk Police Headquarters made Parkside's much smaller operation look like the front porch of an old folk home.

Dean rose and wandered out to the front porch but in spite of his sterling speech, and overwhelming wish that he could forget the Shiptons and all the grief they had brought him, he couldn't quite chase the unfinished business from his churning mind.

Paul and Paulette were huddled in the parlor looking almost as happy as the front porch pair.