Sentence Examples with the word front end

When the bag is nearly charged to the weight of 4 lb, the weight of the bag of sugar overcomes the resistance of the counterbalance of the upper beam, and its front end drops a certain distance.

The windows were all broken and the front end was smashed back to the windshield.

As the foremost end of the billet emerges from the furnace it enters the first of a series of roll-trains, and passes immediately thence to others, so that before half of the billet has emerged from the furnace its front end has already been reduced by rolling to its final shape, that of merchant-bars, which are relatively thin, round or square rods, in lengths of 300 ft.

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The front end was slowly sinking down as the ground gave way.

When, as is the case among nearly all existing mammals with the exception of the members of the genera Sus (pigs), Gymnura (ratshrew), Talpa (moles) and Myogale (desmans) the number of teeth is reduced below the typical forty-four, it appears to be an almost universal rule that if one of the incisors is missing it is the second, or middle one, while the premolars commence to disappear from the front end of the series and the molars from the hinder end.