Sentence Examples with the word front door

He checked the front door to make sure it was locked and then quietly walked through the living room.

He not only failed to wake anyone, but bypassed the quadruple-locked front door and the barred windows.

There was a loud bang as the front door slammed with Cynthia's violent departure.

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The noise at the locked front door I heard when Edith was in my room wasn't Franny going out for a smoke as I'd assumed at the time.

The front door bell chimed away the Dean's reverie, an unusual occurrence when no new lodgers were expected.

The family gathered in this three-storeyed building, with its back windows looking over the Elbe and its front door opening on a great garden, was latterly Luther and his wife, their three sons and two daughters, Magdelena von Bora, Catherine's aunt, two orphan nieces and a grandniece.

Before Dean could answer, there was a knock on the front door and he rose to answer it.

Bracing herself, she opened the front door and crossed through the house.

Jessi grabbed Gerry's arm and slammed the front door behind them, marching through the hallway in a combination of disgust and envy.

Her mind went to the quadruple locks on the front door and bars on the window.