Sentence Examples with the word from the heart

Other early metropolitan foundations have been moved in accordance with modern tendencies either into the country or to sites aloof from the heart of London.

The flowers are stellate, cymose, on stems rising from the heart of the leafy rosettes.

It is navigable from the heart of Tirol to the sea.

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An African origin has also been suggested for the hollow-horned ruminants (Bovidae); and if this were substantiated it would explain the abundance of that family in Africa and the absence from the heart of that continent of the deer-tribe.

By embolism is meant the more or less sudden stoppage of a vessel by a plug of solid matter carried thither by the current of the blood; be it a little clot from the heart or, what is far more pernicious, an infective fragment from some focus of infection in the body, by which messengers new foci of infection may be scattered about the body.

But there were some boobies and bumpkins there, who, by their intense greenness, must have come from the heart and centre of all verdure.