Sentence Examples with the word frisian

Of the details of the English conquest of the district which is now Lincolnshire little is known, but at some time in the 6th century Engle and Frisian invaders appear to have settled in the country north of the Witham, where they became known as the Lindiswaras, the southern districts from Boston to the Trent basin being at this time dense woodland.

The West Frisian Islands belong to the kingdom of the Netherlands, and embrace Texel or Tessel (71 sq.

It is an amalgamation of the myth tof Beowa, the slayer of the water-demon and the dragon, with the historical legend of Beowulf, nephew and successor of Hygelac (Chochilaicus), king of the Geatas, who was defeated and slain (c. 520) while ravaging the Frisian coast.

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Is Nordby on the island of Fano, the northernmost of the North Frisian chain.

West, north and north-east of this the province is flat and consists of sea-clay or sand and clay mixed, except where patches of low and high fen occur on the Frisian borders.

The Frisian peasants and fisher folk loved their independence, and were equally refractory to the rule of any distant overlord, whether count or bishop. Dirk VI.

Fbhr, the most fertile of the North Frisian islands, is principally marshland, and comparatively well wooded.

Large quantities of eels are caught in the Frisian lakes.

The Frisian auxiliaries were likewise regarded as excellent troops.

About the year 1250 the area of the North Frisian Islands was estimated at 1065 sq.