Sentence Examples with the word frisia

Robert thus, in his own right and that of Dirk, was ruler of all Frisia (Zeeland), and thus became known among his Flemish countrymen as Robert the Frisian.

On his marriage his father including the islands of Frisia (Zeeland) west of the the g () invested him with Imperial Flanders, as an apanage Scheldt.

Bede says that when he returned to Frisia his see was fixed in Ultrajectum (Utrecht).

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Here occurs the earliest mention of Vinland, and here are also references of great interest to Russia and Kiev, to the heathen Prussians, the Wends and other Slav races of the South Baltic coast, and to Finland, Thule or Iceland, Greenland and the Polar seas which Harald Hardrada and the nobles of Frisia had attempted to explore in Adam's own day (before 1066).