Sentence Examples with the word frightful

And he had only one wish-- that the frightful thing that had to happen should happen quickly.

It had been a time of frightful changes throughout Sicily, full of breaking up of old landmarks, of confusion of races, and of movements of inhabitants.

Decius followed them, but a severe defeat near Beroe made it impossible to save Philippopolis, which fell into the hands of the Goths, who treated the conquered with frightful cruelty.

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It was this character of Sicily which led to its one frightful piece of local history.

About 1615 the British formed a settlement in the island, at Cambello, which they retained until 1623, when it was destroyed by the Dutch, and frightful tortures inflicted on the unfortunate persons connected with it.

They turned the tables on the pope by engaging Hawkwood, and although the Bretons by order of Cardinal Robert of Geneva (afterwards the anti-pope Clement VII.) committed frightful atrocities in Romagna, their captains were bribed by the republic not to molest its territory.

Under such a system the most frightful excesses were possible and many cases of brutal cruelty were laid bare.

Found little difficulty in establishing his vicar Ezzelino da Romano in Padua and the neighbouring cities, where he practised frightful cruelties on the inhabitants.

To this fact it owes its immunity from the forest fires which wreak frightful havoc among the surrounding forests.

He.s alive but a frightful mess, and we haven.t been able to identify him.