Sentence Examples with the word frightening

Something is frightening you.

They stumbled from the mine, hugging one another in the sunshine, thankful that the frightening ordeal was over.

According to Martha who remained with Howie, he thrashed about the bed, frightening her.

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While I dreaded frightening my wife further, I knew I owed her the information on the motor home.

The answer had frightening implications with Fred O'Connor at home alone.

I don't care how frightening it will be, I want to go ahead.

It is frightening for all of us who occasionally indulge in on-line hyperbole.

This had the effect of frightening the propertied classes in the city, who had hitherto observed a timid neutrality, and turned public opinion against the insurgents.

The demon does not care for him, either, and tells me stories too frightening to be true.

He always believed there to be nothing more frightening than being sealed underground, until he saw the small woman battling for her life.