Sentence Examples with the word frighten

If he thought to frighten the striped beast by such language he was mistaken.

Of Christ, partly to frighten away the powers of darkness.

But how he did frighten me...

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If he was trying to frighten her, he was doing an excellent job.

For a time the government, while keeping itself informed of his activities, left him alone; for it suited the Directory to let the socialist agitation continue, in order to frighten the people from joining in any royalist movement for the overthrow of the existing regime.

You'll frighten them! said Boris.

Some cuckoos are singular for their habit of using the nests of smaller birds to lay their eggs in, so that the young may be reared by foster-parents; and it has been suggested that the object of the likeness exhibited to the hawk is to enable the cock cuckoo either to frighten the small birds away from their nests or to lure them in pursuit of him, while the hen bird quietly and without molestation disposes of her egg.

The story that Pyrrhus attempted to frighten Fabricius by the sight of an elephant is probably a fiction.

This expression in Princess Mary did not frighten them (she never inspired fear in anyone), but they knew that when it appeared on her face, she became mute and was not to be shaken in her determination.

In Homer he frequently appears on the field, like Ares and Athene, bearing the aegis to frighten the foe.