Sentence Examples with the word fries

Davis, The Fries Rebellion (Doylestown, Pa., 1899).

Hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, French fries - you know, the usual fast food stuff.

A second point in which Fries differed from Kant is the view taken as to the relation between immediate and mediate cognitions.

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But it did not seem to Fries that Kant had with sufficient accuracy examined the mode in which we arrive at knowledge of this a priori element.

They made room for her and pushed fries at her, which she accepted.

The Prussian offer expressed a doubt that his long absence from university teaching might have made him rusty, so he accepted the post at Heidelberg, whence Fries had just gone to Jena (October 1816).

This tendency is to be seen in the activity of Fries and Herbart and Beneke, and was actualized as the aftermath of their speculation.

His overbearing conduct while presiding at the trials of John Fries for treason, and of James Thompson Callender (d.

In this view of reason Fries approximates to Jacobi rather than to Kant.

Friedr. Fries (1867), (1867).