Sentence Examples with the word fridge

I should have something in the fridge and then we can go get some real food.

She attached the prescriptions to the fridge with another cartoon magnet and smoothed out the paperwork she'd been given from the police station.

She moved to the fridge and opened it, still starving.

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He scampered across the lab to a fridge that held cold tools and bottles of mysterious serums, everything except what a normal person put in a fridge.

She went to the fridge and retrieved a lemon, pausing to stare at the food in the massive refrigerator.

They all stared at one another for a moment, then Sarah went to the fridge for a bottle of blood.

This is going to be tough, he thought as he entered Sarah's fridge to get some swill.

He opened the fridge for a snack and dragged out a selection of meat the size of his arm.

The glitter and construction paper picture was back on the fridge with no sign that any fairies had emerged from its depths.

Sarah had evidently procured some blood today, because there in the fridge he had found a wine bottle full.