Sentence Examples with the word frenzy

The soothsayer differs from the priest of an oracle by giving his revelation under excitement and often in a frenzy allied to madness.

Destiny watched her suspiciously throughout her cooking frenzy and helped her set the table with Mom's china.

Charles might have been unable, in the frenzy of the popish plot of Titus Oates, to send forces from England, but as he chose the popular Protestant, the duke of Monmouth, to command them, he was allowed to despatch some regiments.

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The losses and the apparent injustice caused a frenzy of excitement in Scotland, and William could only express his regret and his desire for an incorporating Union of the two kingdoms. He died on the 7th of March, when the project of Union was to be debated by the English parliament.

This soon caused a frenzy of stock-jobbing, which disturbed the stability of private fortunes and social positions, and depraved customs and manners with the seductive notion of easily obtained riches.

He carefully refrained from incurring suspicion and unpopularity by opposing the general outcry, and though he saw through the imposture from the beginning he made no attempt to moderate the popular frenzy or to save the life of any of the victims, his co-religionists, not even intervening in the case of Lord Stafford, and allowing Titus Oates to be lodged at Whitehall with a pension.

Occasionally a kind of frenzy even would seem to seize on them, and lured by.

He'd worked her into a frenzy the night before by dribbling a similar amount of blood, enough to tease her without satisfying her.

In his design for the Hall of Council he set himself to depict this frenzy at its fiercest.

Recent history, and in particular the history of democracy, claims for its province the several stages whereby this principle was developed in England and America, and its outburst in the frenzy of the French Revolution.