Sentence Examples with the word frenzied

There were a half dozen messages from both Julie and Howie from California but in view of our frenzied day, decided to let them simmer until after a much relished glass or two of wine and Molly's carefully grilled hot dogs and cheese bread.

The real wit and rigour of Oldham's satirical poetry are undeniable, while its faults - its frenzied extravagance and lack of metrical polish - might, as Dryden suggests, have been cured with time, for Oldham was only thirty when he died.

They may have been represented or impersonated by priests in her rites as Attis was, but they were also, like him, not actual priests in the first instance, but objects of worship in which a frenzied dance, with accompaniment of flute music, the beating of tambourines, the clashing of cymbals and castanets, wild cries and self-infliction of wounds - the whole culminating in a state of ecstasy and exhaustion - were the most prominent features.

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They're like the fable of John Henry, who hammered in railroad spikes and worked himself literally to death in a frenzied effort to prove he could outperform the newfangled steam drill.

His hands moved over her body possessively, his hot kisses on her lips and skin working her into a frenzied state of desire unlike anything she'd felt before.

After a frenzied honk and finger from a following motorist, Fred pointed out a man alighting from a bicycle and climbing the steps of 137.

Harrison, however, regards him as a religious reformer from Crete, who introduced the doctrine of ecstasis without intoxication amongst the Thracians and was slain by the votaries of the frenzied ritual.

Belongs, as Budde has demonstrated, to the older stratum of the narrative (called J) which ' According to Plato (Timaeus, p. 72) the name irpocil17rns ought properly to be confined to the interpreters employed to put an intelligible sense on the dreams, visions, or enigmatic utterances of the frenzied A avris.

The thought should make him frenzied to plot Memon's downfall.

Athamas went mad, and slew one of his sons, Learchus; Ino, to escape the pursuit of her frenzied husband, threw herself into the sea with her other son Melicertes.