Sentence Examples with the word freezing

According to observations extending from 1706 to 1899, the mean day of the freezing of the Neva is November 25th, the earliest October 28th, the latest January 9th, and the next latest December 26th.

Taking into account the heat absorbed by the box and the metal, Rumford calculated that the heat developed was sufficient to raise 26.58 lb of water from the freezing to the boiling point, and in this calculation the heat lost by radiation and conduction was neglected.

At the first hint of below freezing weather, Howie was on the job, covering everything and reading up on all preventive measures known to man.

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Thinking about enjoying winter outdoors with her and not having to worry about her freezing cheered him.

To freezing point at night.

Hastening its cooling by casting it in a cool mould, favours the formation of cementite rather than of graphite in the freezing of the eutectic at aBc, and also, in case of hyper-eutectic iron, in the passage through region 3.

In presence of a freezing mixture).

She stepped out of his embrace, the two of them freezing in the middle of the dance floor like rocks in a flowing creek.

Below the freezing point.

Thermodynamic theory also indicates a connexion between the osmotic pressure of a solution and the depression of its freezing point and its vapour pressure compared with those of the pure solvent.