Sentence Examples with the word freetown

From Freetown through the fertile districts of Mendiland 'to the Liberian frontier.

From Freetown are Rotifunk, Mano, and Bo, towns which have increased greatly in importance since the building of the railway.

A Blue Book on the affairs of the colony is published yearly at Freetown and an Annual Report by the Colonial Office in London.

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Of Freetown on the Fala river, a tributary of the Little Scarcies.

Colonel Denham, after administering the colony for five weeks, died at Freetown of fever on the 9th of June 1828.

In 1866 Freetown was made the capital of the new general government set up for the British settlements on the West Coast of Africa (comprising Sierra Leone, Gambia, the Gold Coast and Lagos, each of which was to have a legislative council).

Both commercially and strategically Freetown is a place of importance.

Steamers run at regular intervals between Freetown and Liverpool, Hamburg, Havre and Marseilles.