Sentence Examples with the word freehold

FEOFFMENT, in English law, during the feudal period, the usual method of granting or conveying a freehold or fee.

The corporation of the city of London then acquired the freehold interest of waste land belonging to the lords of the manor, and finally secured 5559b acres, magnificently timbered, to the use of the public for ever, the tract being declared open by Queen Victoria in 1882.

As there are now few freehold estates traceable to any mesne or intermediate lord, escheats, when they do occur, fall to the king as lord paramount.

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Political innovation was the abolition of the old free birth, freehold basis of suffrage.

This exclusion of the European land speculator and denial of the right to buy and sell land and of freehold tenure was held by all the authorities to be essential for the moral and material welfare of the inhabitants of a land where the duty of the white man is mainly that of administration and his material advantages lie in trade.

In 1864, under the government of Prince Cuza, a new law was promulgated, conferring on each peasant family freehold property in lots varying from 72 to 15 acres, according to the number of oxen that they owned.

Amongst the Arabs, lands were either held in common by a whole tribe, under a tenure known as the arch or sabegha, or sometimes, especially in the towns, under a modified form of freehold (melk) by the family.

Led to a gradual absorption of socage in the general class of freehold tenures.

An annual sum is voted by parliament out of which loans are granted to cottagers who desire to purchase small freehold plots.

The rector, vicar or incumbent is a corporation-sole, in whom is vested the freehold of the church and churchyard, subject to the parishioners' rights of user; their rights of burial have been enlarged by various acts.