Sentence Examples with the word free thought

Farrar, A Critical History of Free Thought in reference to the Christian Religion (Bampton Lectures, 1862); and cf.

Farrar, A Critical History of Free Thought (1862, Bampton Lectures); J.

After the change in tiry u- Russian policy and the failure of the powers to secure reforms, the advanced party amongst the Armenians, some of whom had been educated in Europe and been deeply affected by the free thought and Nihilistic tendencies of the day, determined to secure their object by the production of disturbances such as those that had given birth to Bulgaria.

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In the hands of Parmenides this spirit of free thought developed on metaphysical lines.

The psychological distinction between the 3 Art, three forms is that sensuous perception (Anschauung) religion is the organon of the first, presentative conception and (Vorstellung) of the second and free thought of the third.

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