Sentence Examples with the word free rein

When he realized the strength of the national reaction, he allowed the patriotic fascisti free rein to reestablish order and practically exercise many functions of Government, while he assumed an attitude of Olympic calm and posed as being au dessus de la melee, so as to avoid compromising himself with any party.

He treated his most respectable supporters with base ingratitude, reserved his favour for unscrupulous adventurers, and gave a free rein to the licence of his mercenaries.

Given free rein to improvise as he saw fit, the law student had found the employee and created his own sting.

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If we could convince him to give you free rein to helping us with him remaining totally in the dark, we'd both have what we want.

Carmen gave Princess free rein as she followed Ed and Alex up the hill to the tree line.

If you gave me free rein I'd have every kind of animal there was.