Sentence Examples with the word free

Yet for this bulky collection of essays, philosophical and others, Schopenhauer received as honorarium only ten free copies of the work.

After gaining recognition as one of the most prominent members of the Suffolk bar, he became associated in 1848 with the Free Soil movement, and took a prominent part in the Buffalo convention of that year.

An important group of soil organisms are now known which have the power of using the free nitrogen of the atmosphere for the formation of the complex nitrogenous compounds of which their bodies are largely composed.

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In the meantime Chalmers applied himself with great diligence and assiduity to the investigation of the history and establishment of the English colonies in North America; and enjoying free access to the state papers and other documents preserved among what were then termed the plantation records, he became possessed of much important information.

The first act was the seizure by the Boers of a Natal train on the Free State border.

This was made by Giovanni Alfonso Borelli and Abraham Ecchellensis from the free version in Arabic made in 983 by Abu 'l-Fath of Ispahan and preserved in a Florence MS. But the best Arabic translation is that made as regards Books i.-iv.

In the spring the embryo bursts its shell and is set free as a minute actinula which becomes a Hydra.

In English law, on the other hand, the confession of an incriminated person can be received in evidence against him only if it has been free and voluntary.

All their hymns, epics and histories were bound up with their individuality as a free people.

Out of this grew the Free Church Federation, which secures a measure of co-operation between the Protestant Evangelical churches throughout England.