Sentence Examples with the word freak

For you, a freak event.

He'd never hurt her, ridicule her, or think she was the freak of nature her father called her.

To many it has seemed a curious freak of Bruno's that he should have so eagerly adopted a view of thought like that of Lull, but in reality it is in strict accordance with the principles of his philosophy.

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She can't see me when she wakes, she'll freak out.

If the place didn't feel so much like she designed every detail, she'd freak out.

At any minute, she'd hear him tear them apart and then, she'd freak out.

If I said I took the sound system from my home stereo and put it in my car, you wouldn't freak out and call it a Frankencar and fear it would mutate and destroy other cars.

Of course the control freak would choose a pose where he was holding her down with the sheer size of his body, her hands pinned by her head.

You're a freak of nature.

It is thus seen that this marvellous freak of nature is not, as is generally supposed, a sluggish canal on a flat tableland, but a great, rapid river which, if its upper waters had not found contact with the Orinoco, perhaps by cutting back, would belong entirely to the Negro branch of the Amazon.