Sentence Examples with the word fray

Was heard wherever the fray waxed most fiercely, and the Jethart axe of their invention - a steel axe on a 4-ft.

He almost immediately, however, returned to Germany and, throwing himself into the political fray in Berlin, was elected mamber for Freienwalde, in the first German parliament at Frankfort-on-Main.

Besides his work as editor, he was always writing himself some book or pamphlet called for by the event of the day, some general fray in which he was compelled to mingle, or some personal assault which it was necessary to repel.

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On the eve of the fray Papineau sought safety in flight, followed by the leading spirits of the movement.

It dates from the creation of the bishopric of Mexico in 1530, with Fray Juan de Zumarraga as bishop, although two previous creations had been proclaimed at Rome, that of Yucatan in 1518 and Puebla in 1525.

De Coronado was led by Fray Marcos over the same route in 1540; while Hernando Alarcon explored the Gulf of California and the lower Colorado river.

De Coronado to make his famous expedition next year to Zuni, of which Fray Marcos was the guide; and the realities proved a great disappointment.

He had not seen the cities himself, nor had he, as is frequently asserted, gone as far north as the present New Mexico, but his reports tended to confirm previous rumours and led the viceroy, Don Antonio de Mendoza, to send Fray Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan friar, on a small and inexpensive expedition of discovery.

It results from this that the horn has the appearance of a mass of agglutinated hairs, which, in the newly growing part at the base, readily fray out on destruction of the softer intermediate substance; but the fibres differ from true hairs in growing from a free papilla of the derm, and not within a follicular involution of the same.

In 1581 Fray Augustin Rodriguez, another Franciscan, explored the valley of the Rio Grande, and in1582-1583Antonio Espejo made extended explorations to the E.