Sentence Examples with the word frat

I've got a contact for you but protect this like your girlfriend at a drunken frat party.

On the 2nd of August the emperor Francis Joseph proposed to King William, during a meeting The Frat Gastein, to lay before an assembly of the German stentag princes a scheme for the reconstitution of the Bund.

Sofia listened and trailed them through the house that resembled a frat house.

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Through a deep rocky gorge, in which it receives the Gunig Su (right), to Palu (where there are cuneiform inscriptions); and continues through more open country to its junction with the Frat Su.

If Fate looked like a frat boy and past-Death like a sorority girl, the Dark One's youthful human form didn't seem out of place among the deities she met.

The length of the Frat is about 275 m.; of the Murad, 415 m.; and of the Euphrates from the junction to Samsat, 115 m.

Below Erzingan the Frat flows south-west through a rocky gorge to Kemakh (Kamacha; Armenian, Gamukh), where it is crossed by a bridge and receives the Kumur Su (right).