Sentence Examples with the word frankfurter

Grotefend, Quellen ztcr Frankfurter Geschichte (Frankfort, 1884-1888); J.

Speyer, Die Frankfurter Revolution 1612-1616 (1883); and L.

See the very full article by Frankfurter in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, which supersedes his earlier biography.

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A lighter vein is to be observed in various dramatic satires written at this time, such as Cotter, Helden and Wieland (1774), Hanswursts Hochzeit, Fastnachtsspiel vorn Pater Brey, Satyros, and in the Singspiele, Erwin and Elmire (1775) and Claudine von Villa Bella (1776); while in the Frankfurter Gelehrte Anzeiger (1772- 1773), Goethe drove home the principles of the new movement of Sturm and Drang in terse and pointed criticism.

The Frankfurter Journal was founded in 1615, the Postzeitung in 1616, the Neue Frankfurter Zeitung in 1859, and the Frankfurter Presse in 1866.

The Frankfurter gelehrte Zeitungen was founded in 1736 by S.