Sentence Examples with the word frankfurt

Horne, Geschichte von Frankfurt (4th ed., 1903); H.

Rittweger, Frankfurt im Jahre 1848 (1898); R.

Meanwhile Prince Alexander's motley corps began its advance from Frankfurt up the Main valley to join the Bavarians, who had now retired on Schweinfurt.

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Bucher (Die Bevolkerung von Frankfurt a.

Goldberg, Frankfurt am Main, 1855 Sefer Ha-Schoraschim, ed.

The 7th and 8th corps now at last effected their junction about Wurzburg, whither the army of the Main marched from Frankfurt to meet them.

Biihmer, Urkundenbuch der Reichsstadt Frankfurt (new ed., 1901); B.

Hausen, Geschichte der Universitat and Stadt Frankfurt (1806), and Bieder and Gurnik, Bilder aus der Geschichte der Stadt Frankfurt-an-der-Oder (1898).

Urkundenbuch der Reichsstadt Frankfurt (Frankfort, 1836; new edition by F.

Jung, Das historische Archiv der Stadt Frankfurt (1897); A.