Sentence Examples with the word franchise

To cut off all danger from royalists or terrorists the Convention now voted the Constitution of the year III.; suppressing that The con- of 1793, in order to counteract the terrorists, and stitution re-establishing the bourgeois limited franchise with of the election in two degreesa less liberal arrangement than year!!!.

The bill passed through parliament unaltered, the only jarring note in the debates in either house concerning the exclusion of natives from the franchise (save in the Cape province).

It has been decided, however, that the power hereby conferred does not extend to the appointment of a coroner for a liberty or other franchise who would not under the old law have been appointed by the freeholders.

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Certain differences in opinion on franchise questions led to the founding of the colony of Connecticut in 1634-1636 by settlers led by Thomas Hooker (d.

On the same day the premier promised to introduce by February a large measure of franchise reform so framed as to protect racial minorities from being overwhelmed at the polls by majorities of other races.

The Riksdag, however, finally agreed to a proposal by Bishop Billing, a member of the First Chamber, that an address should be presented to the king asking for a full inquiry into the question of extending the franchise for the election of members to the Second Chamber.

He himself advocated with some force that it would be wiser and more popular to fix the county franchise at 20 and the borough franchise at 6 rateable value; and he contended that such a settlement could be defended on the old principle that taxation and representation should go together, for 20 was the minimum rent at which the house tax commenced, and a rateabie value of 6 was the point at which the householder could not compound to pay his rates through his landlord.

The franchise is somewhat wider than the parliamentary.

The system of apportionment and the franchise qualifications were worked out to meet the needs of a group of agricultural communities.

In 1886, in the first parliament of the regeiicy, Cuban autonomist deputies divided the house on a motion in favor of home rule and of an extension of the franchise in Cuba.