Sentence Examples with the word france

The fathers continued to devote themselves to the subjugation of the Hussites; they also intervened, in rivalry with the pope, in the negotiations between France and England which led only to the treaty of Arras, concluded by Charles VII.

When, in 1154, Aquitaine passed to the English crown, this counterseal disappeared, and eventually in subsequent reigns a fleur-de-lis or the shield of arms of France took its place.

Includes both Dutch language literature from the Netherlands and her colonies, Belgium and her colonies, France and foreign Dutch immigrant populations including Afrikaners before Afrikaans became standardised.

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A series of papers written by him in which he controverted some of Thomas Paine's doctrines in the Rights of Man, and later another series in which he ably supported the neutral policy of the administration toward France and England, led to his appointment by Washington as minister to the Netherlands in May 1794.

Wrung from the pope, by a display of force at Rome, concessions which provoked the indignant clamours of the most ardent reformers in France and Italy.

ST Junien, a town of west-central France in the department of Haute-Vienne, on the right bank of the Vienne, 26 m.

His Ada, which have scarcely any historical value, relate that he left Ireland, and came to France with his companions.

The independence of Lithuania de facto was recognized by Sweden, Norway, England, Esthonia, Finland, France and Poland; de jure by Germany on March 23 1918, by Soviet Russia on July 12 1920, by Latvia and Esthonia in Feb.

When Napoleon recognized the kingdom of Italy in 1861, Nigra returned to France as ministerresident, and for many years played a most important part in political affairs.

But in 1860 the annexation Nice and the adjoining territory to France brought the political frontier farther east, to a point between Mentone and Ventimiglia which constitutes no natural limit.