Sentence Examples with the word franc

Formerly European coins of all kinds were in general circulation, now the only foreign coins current are the English sovereign, the French 20 franc piece and the Turkish mejidie, a gold coin worth 18 shillings.

The coinage formerly was the caroub and piastre (the latter worth about 6d.), but in 1891 the French reformed the coinage, substituting the franc as a unit, and having the money minted at Paris.

The Palais de Justice, of the 18th century, on the site of the House of the Franc - the outside burghers of the Franc district admitted to the full privileges of citizenship - contains a fine carved chimney-piece (1530).

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The values of the coinage are pieces of 5 and 10 centimes in bronze, of 50 centimes, 1 franc and 2 francs in silver, of 10 francs and 20 francs in gold.