Sentence Examples with the word frame in

Give abundance of air to the greenhouse, conservatory and alpine frame in mild weather, but use little water.

Her eyes were riveted to his frame in a way that warned her the bond she'd felt with Gabriel was now with this creature.

I had a frame in which I could arrange the words in little sentences; but before I ever put sentences in the frame I used to make them in objects.

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We need not dwell upon the evolution from the crude idea, which first took form in the endeavour to compel beesto build straight combs in a given direction by offering them a guiding line of wax along the under side of each top-bar of the frame in which the combs were built; but we may glance at the more important improvements which gradually developed as time went on.

Knofler and Gebauer have also a system of bi-polar electrodes, mounted in a frame in appearance resembling a filter-press.

The couple T is necessarily accompanied by an equal and opposite couple acting on the frame, which couple endeavours to turn the frame in the opposite direction to that in which the axle rotates.

The sistrum consists of a metal frame in the shape of an egg, fastened to a handle, frequently surmounted by a grotesque head or by a figure of the sacred lioness Sekhet.

The reel to which the raw silk is led consists of a light six-armed frame, enclosed within a wooden casing having a glass frame in front, the enclosure being heated with steam-pipes.