Sentence Examples with the word fracture

In readiness for a fracture of the drilling tools or of the cable, special appliances known as fishing tools are provided.

Hence the weakness and the dark-grey fracture of this iron, and hence, by brushing this fracture with a wire brush and so detaching these loosely clinging flakes of graphite, the colour can be changed nearly to the very light-grey of pure iron.

Thus in the microcrystalline chalcedony the lustre is waxy, the fracture fibrous to even, and the external form botryoidal or stalactitic flint and chert are compact and have a splintery fracture: jasper is a compact variety intermixed with much iron oxide and clay and has a dull and even fracture.

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The modus operandi is briefly as follows: The position of the fracture is determined by electrical tests from both ends, with more or less accuracy, depending on the nature of the fracture, but with a probable error not exceeding a few miles.

The copper deposits are mainly in well-marked fracture planes in serpentine; the ore is pyrrhotite, with or without chalcopyrite.

In January 1910 Delagrange was killed by the fracture of one of the wings of a monoplane on which he was flying.

Wrought iron and mild steel may be made to show a short and crystalline fracture by a sudden application of stress, while if drawn asunder slowly they develop the silky, fibrous appearance.

The Indo-Gangetic depression was formed by the weight of the over-riding mass bending down the edge over which it rode, or else it is the lower limb of the S-shaped fold which would necessarily result if there were no fracture - the Himalaya representing the upper limb of the S.

The glassy conchoidal fracture is a characteristic feature of the crystallized mineral.

These earthquake shocks have two distinct characteristics, a slight vibration, sometimes almost imperceptible, called a temblor, generally occurring at frequent intervals, and a violent horizontal or rotary vibration, or motion, also repeated at frequent intervals, called a terremoto, which is caused by a fracture or displacement of the earth's strata at some particular point, and often results in considerable damage.