Sentence Examples with the word fourteen

He held his prefecture for fourteen years; and it was during this period that he carried on his elaborate and fruitful investigations on the conduction of heat.

She was assisted by fourteen Athenian matrons, called geraerae, chosen by the basileus and sworn to secrecy.

Supplies were, however, granted for fourteen months, and the regent took this as justifying him in proceeding with his plans.

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The arm-muscles have been studied in an absolutely exhaustive manner by Fiirbringer, who in his monumental work has tabulated and then scrutinized the chief characters of fourteen selected muscles.

At the age of fourteen he was sent by his mother, who had in 1501 become a widow, to Cambridge.

Soon, however, the activity of the Schoffen became specifically confined to the determination of legal disputes, and in their place a new body (Collegium) of counsellors - Ratmannen - also fourteen in number, was appointed for the general administration of local matters.

He took the city without difficulty, and for fourteen days, in a calm and business-like manner, emptied it of all its movable wealth.

An armistice was made for fourteen weeks, which left the British fleet free to proceed up the Baltic. On the 12th of April, after lightening the three-deckers of their guns, the fleet passed over the shallows.

For the present their means were very scanty, and, as the ardent royalism of his brother officers limited his social circle, he plunged into work with the same ardour as before, frequently studying fourteen or fifteen hours a day.

In 1824, after an interval of fourteen years, the third volume appeared, giving, under the same headings, a description of the seven south-western counties - Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Wigtown, Ayr, Lanark, Renfrew and Dumbarton.