Sentence Examples with the word fourier

The most important of Considerant's other writings were Exposition du systeme de Fourier (1845), Principes du socialisme (1847), Theorie du droit de propriete et du droit au travail (1848).

In 1826 Fourier became a member of the French Academy, and in 1827 succeeded Laplace as president of the council of the Ecole Polytechnique.

On the death of Fourier in 1837 he became the acknowledged head of the movement, and took charge of La Phalange, the organ of Fourierism.

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On the return of Napoleon from Elba, in 1815, Fourier published a royalist proclamation, and left Grenoble as Napoleon entered it.

JEAN BAPTISTE JOSEPH FOURIER (1768-1830), French mathematician, was born at Auxerre on the 21st of March 1768.

The mathematical theory of conduction of heat was developed early in the 19th century by Fourier and other workers, and was brought to so high a pitch of excellence that little has remained for later writers to add to this department of the subject.

The third line gives the range of the regular diurnal inequality, the next four lines the amplitudes of the first four Fourier waves into which the regular diurnal inequality has been analysed.

His works have been collected and edited by Gaston Darboux with the title Ouvres de Fourier (Paris, 1889-1890).

Gives some data for the 24-hour and 12-hour Fourier coefficients, which will serve to illustrate the diversity between different stations.

In addition to the works above mentioned, Fourier wrote many memoirs on scientific subjects, and eloges of distinguished men of science.