Sentence Examples with the word four times

M., nearly four times the area draining to the Pacific Ocean, and almost precisely four times the area draining to the Indian Ocean.

Arrah is famous for an incident in the Mutiny, when a dozen Englishmen, with 50 Sikhs, defended an ordinary house against 2000 Sepoys and a multitude of armed insurgents, perhaps four times that number.

The commonwealth has four times recognized a community of metropolitan interests in creating state commissions since 1882 for the union of such interests, beginning with a metropolitan health district in that year.

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It was blockaded four times by the Dutch (who were continually molesting the treasure fleets) in the first half of the 17th century.

In Rayleigh's experiment the 32 fork was made to drive electrically one of frequency about 128, and somewhat as with the phonic wheel, the frequency was controlled so as to be exactly four times that of the 32 fork.

Between 1499 and 1716 she went to war four times with the Turks, emerging from each campaign with some further loss of maritime territory.

The canary is very prolific, producing eggs, not exceeding six in number, three or four times a year; and in a state of nature it is said to breed still oftener.

Detective David Dean had been seeing Attorney Ethel Rosewater three or four times a month for more than two years.

He showed that the surface of a segment is equal to the area of the circle whose radius equals the distance from the vertex to the base of the segment; that the surface of the entire sphere is equal to the curved surface of the circumscribing cylinder, and to four times the area of a great circle of the sphere; and that the volume is twothirds that of the circumscribing cylinder.

Morse and Gale, who assisted him, found, however, that the distance of the plates up and down the canal must be at least three or four times the width of the canal to obtain successful results.