Sentence Examples with the word foundation

It is false, therefore, to speak of matter as the principle of individuation; and if this is so there is no longer any foundation for the Thomist view that in angelic natures every individual constitutes a species apart.

Among educational institutions there are a large grammar school (1879), on a foundation of 173 Roman Catholic schools adjoining the cathedral, schools for engineering students and dockyard apprentices, and seamen and marines' orphan school.

Of veterans in Campania under the Lex Julia Agraria, and had even then laid down rules for the foundation of such communities.

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This consists of two books, and may be called the foundation of theoretical mechanics, for the previous contributions of Aristotle were comparatively vague and unscientific. In the first book there are fifteen propositions, with seven postulates; and demonstrations are given, much the same as those still employed, of the centres of gravity (I) of any two weights, (2) of any parallelogram, (3) of any triangle, (4) of any trapezium.

He retrenched the court largesses and curtailed the immunities of the clergy, and although himself of an ascetic disposition forbade the foundation of new monasteries.

These versions of the pseudo-chronicles practically ascribe the foundation to Arthur; the romances, however, differ.

With a grant from the National Foundation for Infant Paralysis, he went to work on a polio vaccine.

These ancient rocks, which form the foundation of the country, are overlaid unconformably by a series of conglomerates and sandstones, generally unfossiliferous and often red or purple in colour, very similar in character to the Nubian sandstone of Upper Egypt.

Vegetable physiology he pursued with special reference to agriculture, which he held to be the foundation of all trade and industry, but which could not be rationally practised without the guidance of chemical principles.

King of the Scots, as his future queen, had cemented that alliance with the church and with the native English which was the foundation of his greatness.