Sentence Examples with the word foster failed miserably in my role as a foster mom, and he nearly died because of it.

Jonathan was supposed to go back to his foster family next week.

GEORGE EULAS FOSTER (1847-), Canadian politician and financier, was born in New Brunswick on the 3rd of September 1847, of U.E.

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This board has power within the districts affected by it to foster agriculture and fisheries, to enlarge holdings, and to buy and hold land.

The deep-sea and coast fisheries of Ireland form a valuable national asset, which still admits of much development and improvement despite the fact that a considerable number of acts of parliament have been passed to promote and foster the fishing industry.

He was a foster kid and didn't travel in our circles.

After a two days' session the legislature was prorogued until May 1908, when the chief measure submitted by the government was an education bill designed to foster the knowledge of the Dutch language.

Every foster home got rid of me.

Their mutual jealousies, combined with the prestige of the empire, and possibly with the selfishness of the pope, who had secured his own position, and was not likely to foster a national spirit that would have threatened the ecclesiastical supremacy, deprived the Italians of the only great opportunity they ever had of forming themselves into a powerful nation.

There were a lot of those kids in the foster system where I grew up; you could see them coming.