Sentence Examples with the word forwarding

When the crews of the whale-boats were conveying stores, the forwarding officers tried to keep brandy and such like medical comforts from the European crews, coffee and tea from Canadian voyageurs and sugar from Kroo boys.

Uttima- Therefore in forwarding his award on the boundary turn.

I'll take a couple of the meetings, and I tasked Jenn to start forwarding intelligence reports to me as well.

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Dean eased into the latest news by first telling of Winston's unsuccessful inquiry about a Post Office forwarding address before mentioning his conversation with Mrs. Glass.

When I checked with the Sentinel, they told me the subscription remained open but there weren't any papers lying around unclaimed, yet you said there wasn't any forwarding notice filed with the Post Office.

Naw. My guys found a forwarding address someplace out west but there's no phone hooked up yet.

Late in 1545, or very early in 1546, he opened a fatal correspondence with Calvin, forwarding the manuscript of a much-enlarged revision of his theological tracts and expressing a wish to visit Geneva.

For about a year she continued to negotiate with them, forwarding to Mercy and the emperor Leopold II.

In bringing about a system of penny postage throughout the empire; in forwarding the construction of the Pacific cable to secure close and safe imperial telegraphic connexion; in creating rapid and efficient lines of steamship communication with the motherland and all the colonies; in granting tariff preference to British goods and in striving for preferential treatment of inter-imperial trade; in assuming responsibility for imperial defence at the two important stations of Halifax and Esquimalt, - Canada, under the guidance of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his party, took a leading part and showed a truly national spirit.

Henry, however, stoutly refused to go further in the direction of German Protestantism, even with the prospect of forwarding the proposed union between him and the princes of the Schmalkaldic League.