Sentence Examples with the word forum

FOSSOMBRONE (anc. Forum Sempronii), a town and episcopal see of the Marches, Italy, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, 11 m.

Besides those already mentioned, including the Phoenician cities (all of which continued to exist in Roman days) the most important were Bosa (q.v.), Towns Forum Traiani (mod.

On the other hand the reverence attached to it in the later periods of the city is evidenced by its being left standing in the midst of a triangular space adjoining the great theatre, which is surrounded by a portico, so as to constitute a kind of forum (the so-called Foro Triangolare).

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The development from the angular to the curved shape of S may be seen in its occurrences on the early cippus found in the Roman Forum in 1899.

They will take time to write a great big forum post just for you, a total stranger they will never meet.

The Roman town (a municipium) of Forum Iulii was founded either by Julius Caesar or by Augustus, no doubt at the same time as the construction of the Via Iulia Augusta, which passed through Utina (Udine) on its way north.

On the early inscription discovered in the Roman Forum in 1899 the letter occurs but once, in the form 3 written from right to left.

Saturninus, defeated in a pitched battle in the Forum (Dec. 10), took refuge with his followers in the Capitol, where, the water supply having been cut off, they were forced to capitulate.

More considerable and important was a temple which stood at no great distance from the forum at the point where the so-called Strada di Mercurio was crossed by the wide line of thoroughfare (Strada della Fortuna) leading to the gate of Nola.

The original hamlet was the capital of the tribe of the Oxybii, while the town of Forum Julii was founded on its site by Julius Caesar in order to secure to the Romans a harbour independent of that of Marseilles.