Sentence Examples with the word forty-six

Even without manure the average produce over forty-six years, 1852-1897, was nearly thirteen bushels per acre, or about the average yield per acre of 1 The higher yield of wheat in the later years of the 19th century appears to be largely attributable to better grain-growing seasons.

After nearly all the forty-six banks chartered by the legislature in 1818 had been wrecked in the financial panic of 1819, the legislature in 1820 passed a series of laws designed for the benefit of the debtor class, among them one making state bank notes a legal tender for all debts.

White was condemned by the presbytery, and the sect, which ultimately numbered forty-six adherents, was expelled by the magistrates in 1784 and settled in a farm, consisting of one room and a loft, known as New Cample in Dumfriesshire.

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In his long reign of forty-six years he built a pyramid at Dahshr, and at Hawra near the Lake of Moeris another pyramid together with the Labyrinth which seems to have been an enormous funerary temple attached to the pyramid.

For the size and density of particles which he considers most likely, Arrhenius calculates the time required to travel from the sun as forty-six hours.

Here it is sufficient to say that only nine of the forty-six delegates from the present state of West Virginia voted to secede.

Central and western Hungary (the south and north-east still being desolate) were divided into forty-six counties (varmegyek, Lat.

Nearly all our information about the first forty-six years of his life before he became famous as the author of Tristram Shandy is derived from a short memoir jotted down by himself for the use of his daughter.

The best find of pottery, however, was an Old Corinthian celebe (KEMOn, drinking vessel), about a foot high, in forty-six fragments, found in a well, 30 ft.

Having energetically discharged the duties of his office during forty-six years, he died on the 9th of February 1811.