Sentence Examples with the word fortune

Bird Song, while providing a simple living for them, was never going to bring a fortune to their bank account.

According to one account, he distinguished himself by stopping the runaway horses of her carriage; according to another, he only picked up her handkerchief; a third and scandalous explanation of his fortune has been given.

By his indefatigable activity he amassed a fortune of X300,000, the bulk of which he bequeathed to his daughter, with the deduction of considerable sums for the endowment of the anatomical chair in the Ecole de Medecine, and the establishment of a benevolent institution for distressed medical men.

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It was his good fortune that he did go back, for he was subjected to a wholesome course of ridicule by the other boys, and was flogged by Dr Barnard, the headmaster.

Shortly afterwards Belisarius was accused of complicity in a conspiracy against the emperor (562); his fortune was confiscated, and he was confined as a prisoner in his palace.

At Acre Alls fortune seemed to be restored.

Had they been the selfish misers they are sometimes painted, they could have realized a fortune by selling its contents.

For the equites equo publico high moral character, good health and the equestrian fortune were necessary.

It was not the good fortune of Johnston to acquire the prestige which so much assisted Lee and Jackson, nor indeed did he possess the power of enforcing his will on others in the same degree, but his methods were exact, his strategy calm and balanced, and, if he showed himself less daring than his comrades, he was unsurpassed in steadiness.

His early military education was the best and most practical then attainable, primarily because he had the good fortune to come under the influence of men of exceptional ability - Baron du Keile, Bois Roger and others.